GUA-SAL TRIP Dec 2011 Viking Surfboards ventures into El Salvador

Posted on December 29, 2011

Guatemala is a very important market for Viking Surfboards, we have been present there since 1998 and now, have extended our reach into neighboring El Salvador with board sales and a dedicated representative.

It was this early December Viking organized an expedition from Guatemala into El Salvador with team riders, friends and Christian Wolthers, President/CEO of Viking Surfboards.

More than just a surfari, this was the kick-off for the El Salvador marketing and sales program for Surfboard sales. We decided to take our head Shaper Mike Kennelly and our Florida Glasser Bobby ” Z ” along on this trip.

1121Bobby and Mike had already spent a couple of days in Guatemala surfing Playa Empalizada and Sipacate when CBW arrived. The next step was getting the local Guatemalan team and the sales reps to join us to pack the van and drive off to El Salvador.

Everyone was ready by late afternoon and we drove taking the Coastal road South.  Some 200 miles and we should be arriving to Sunzal in El Salvador’s West Coast.

What we did not expect were the countless road blocks and fallen bridges after the November storms in Central America, another delaying factor was the Boarder police strike in the Guatemalan side.

Just about 10 miles before the border with El Salvador, trucks were parked in a long double queue blocking all lanes heading South. We only had the  short left gravel shoulder  to drive on, it was a slow ride as we had to stop constantly to negotiate with upset truck drivers, our way  through to the boarder station.

We finally got there by midnight and then,  another hour and half to the beach front hotel at Sunzal.

Next morning, the weather was pristine, the waves 4 – 6 feet with offshore winds and a high-tide. By 6am, Cindy, Barbas and  Machete were out surfing the South point break and by 10 am, CBW, Mike Kennelly and Bobby were dropping  the long Sunzal rights.

For the following days, we all surfed Sunzal point breaks as well as Zonte Bay, outstanding surf conditions, great food and beautiful weather.

In less than a couple of days, we had already selected the new local team Rider, Amado de Jesus, a Junior category leader already doing well on Open Pro as well.

Amado, also known as Conchalio, he received a new Viking 5’7″ CBW performance model and will soon receive a custom Mike Kennelly shaped /keahana team board.

Our return happened a week later and this time we chose to drive the inland Carretera El Salvador – Guatemala. It took us 4 hours to arrive safe and rested to Guatemala City, CBW, Vikings CEO took off to Colombia while Bobby and Mike returned to South Florida. Now, Salim Argueta ( is responsible for Sales and Marketing for El Salvador, he will be supported by Guatemala Reps.

Gua-Sal  !!!!!!

The Viking Crew.