VIKING SURF’SUP in Mexico’s Costa Del Sol!

Posted on May 11, 2013

mexico-costa-del-sol-thumbGuess it was about time that we came up with some more travel news, great surfing spots, fantastic food and lodging.

This time it’s Mexico!

South Florida Viking Surf’SUP Team riders Darlan Lopes, Christian Wolthers and Photographer Bernardo Nogueira spent the last 6 days in Manzanillo Bay, Troncones, Saladita and El Rancho shooting photos, surfing excellent waves, testing boards and accessories.

There they met with another group including Viking Surfboards founder John Wolthers 3 times Brazilian Champ/Masters, Homero Antunes and Luis Fernando “Camarão”, pioneer surfers from Santos, Brazil.

This part of Mexico’s Pacific Coast offers uncounted point breaks, mostly lefts, the water is warm and the weather dry with mild temperatures this time of the year.

Most lefts are long and pealing over rock carpets, other point-breaks are very challenging and with sharp rocks surfacing all along the ride.

Food is outstanding when you stick to restaurants in the better “Casas / hotels / Inns or Resorts”.

There are also a few beach restaurants with noticeable consumer traffic and busy parking lots, those are usually also worth your money.

Some hints of the best places to stay and eat are  the  “Inn Manzanillo Bay,  The Present Moment Spa Resort  and a beach shack at the South end of El Rancho Beach” for after surf session meals.

One place you want to stay at is the ” Inn Manzanillo Bay” simply the best experience in Mexico’s Costa del Sol besides surfing.

Stay linked as more pictures and information will follow.
Viking Surf’SUP

Photos by: Bernardo Nogueira