Mike Kenelly

Viking surfboards has always been working in the development of new models and for that understand that is very important to share those ideas with diferent shapers, using their expertise so that our boards could work for all styles of surfing. Our head shaper for Florida, Central America and closest locations is Mike Kenelly, a well traveled surfer,lots of experience all around the world, has been able to transport all of his experience to his shapes and always open to new ideas, we have a lot of models under his signnature and very happy to have him has part of the company. At 50, lives in Del Ray beach and surfs everyday, still one of the most respected surfer in Florida and all around the world.

Christian B. Wolthers

Of course we could never forget the vision of Christian B. Wolthers ( Viking surfboards CEO ), began shaping 40 years ago and has been always a dreamer about creating new models and ideas, recently created the Cat bottom concept witch has been tested by our team riders in different locations, i personally am very impressed the way it generates speed, control and still makes the board super radical when talking about turns and all the crazy stuff that surfers are doing these days. I believe that the sport of surfing owns a lot to his ideas that are constantly changing and enovatting the surfboard designs concepts.

Talking about Hawaii, there is no way a surfboard could be created and shaped by somebody that doesn’t have knowledge of it’s power surfing and different kinds of waves. Paulo Mendonca is our men in the islands, has 25 years combined of surfboards manufacturing between California, Hawaii and Brazil, a very good and active surfer that is able to understand the surfboard concept for the power surfing that those islands produce. His models have been tested and aproved by a large group o f surfers coming from different parts of the world. So when travelling to the islands, please gives a call and order you surfboards and they will be ready upon your arrival.

Recently i am getting more involved on creating some models for our company, and with the evolution of the SUPS all around the world i felt the need for us ( Viking surfboards) to create a Wave rider model and consulting with our shapers was able to create the MK I Wave Rider model, witch is a 9’7″ wing swallow quad with the option of a single box when just paddling. Very happy with my first creation and plan on work in new designs.

By Mauricio Kuhne.